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GEIMU is a VR180 live action sci-fi action horror film that takes place in a video game world set in medieval Japan. It is releasing on YouTube in 5 episodes from March through May 2020. Total runtime 23 min.

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Looking for a challenge, Emi, an otaku gamer enlists her pal Hiroshi to illegally hack her VR game console together with her AI device so that she can play in an AI created original VR game world. To make things interesting she eliminates all safety protocols. At first it appears to be a typical RPG (role playing game) set in medieval Japan with plenty of action, but bizarre events begin to take place and she gets separated from Hiroshi. Will Emi prevail and escape with her life or does the AI have other plans...?

GEIMU was made possible by the VR180 Lab hosted by Google and VRScout. Additional funding provided by Dorian Goto Stone. 

Written and Directed by Dorian Goto Stone

Producer Dorian Goto Stone

Co-Producer Tomoaki Iwakura

Associate Producer Kouken Sugiura


Aimi Sekiguchi

Katsuyuki Miyake 

Full Cast & Crew