Dorian Goto Stone is an award winning bilingual director, writer and producer based in Japan. 

He is currently working as a freelance film and video director, videographer, editor and producer providing video production and virtual reality solutions both large and small based on corporate and individual clients' needs.



Born and raised in New York City's East Village to a Japanese immigrant mother and American father, he grew up speaking both English and Japanese and spent many summers in Japan throughout his childhood, cementing the two deeply divergent cultures of America and Japan into his identity. 

After earning his BA at Georgetown University, he worked for 5 years in a fast paced import/export aftermarket auto related entrepeneurship in Shizuoka Prefecture, helping it dramatically grow its business. He then returned to NYC where he began his career as a self taught freelance filmmaker, eventually  shooting television interviews and reality tv pilots, and directing music videos, product promos, tutorials, and short films and independent theatre. 

From 2012 - 2018 he was an employee of Google where he launched and ran the YouTube Space Tokyo a cutting edge studio and community hub for YouTube creators. He drew on his production experience to set up a creator friendly studio and education environment and led programs  and partnerships with major film companies and film directors  both local and global (e.g. Toei Film Studios, Legendary Pictures and Guillermo del Toro, POW Entertainment and Stan Lee, 20th Century FOX and Deadpool and many more) garnering hundreds of press mentions and substantial earned media. He hosted some of the top creators and artists in Japan and the world with events, productions and special programs, and he executive produced hundreds of videos involving top influencers which have garnered hundreds of millions of views globally. He outfitted the YouTube Space with 360 virtual reality production equipment and oversaw  some of the world's first YouTube creator  productions utilizing the  virtual reality Google Jump  system. 

In 2018, he returned to freelance video production in order to pursue his passion of filmmaking. As a storyteller, he loves pushing the boundaries in narrative structure in both traditional film & video and 360 virtual reality. He is excited by the potential still inherent in both mediums and looks forward to continue breaking new ground with innovative storytelling. 

ドリアン 後藤 ストーン

映像ディレクター・プロデューサー (バイリンガル)


日本では2012~2018年の間、世界3つ目のユーチューブスタジオである YouTube Space Tokyo の設立と運営をし、日本そして世界のトップクリエイターを様々な形で支援と育成をした。エグゼクティブプロデュースをした数多くのクリエイターの動画は数億ビューを獲得している。映画会社や著名クリエイター(スタンリー氏やギレルモデルトロ監督など)ともタイアップをし、今までなかったような新鮮なコンテンツをプロデュースした。360度映像のアーリーアダプターでもあり、360度機材を YouTube Space に導入した。当時(2016)最先端のグーグルジャンプの制作プログラムを担当し、世界初のグーグルジャンプを利用したユーチューブクリエイター撮影企画をリードした。

映画制作に対して強い思いの元、2018年に独立し、フリーランスの映像ディレクター・プロデューサーとして活動中。脚本・監督・編集・プロデューサーとして制作した実写VR映画「GEIMU」がバンクーバー国際映画祭 2020 のVR部門でファイナリストに選択され、4K・VR 徳島映画際 2020 のVR部門で優勝し、Raindance Org のJapan Indies Film Festival のVR部門で優勝しました。

Dorian Goto Stone on the set of GEIMU (2020) an award winning VR film he wrote, directed, edited and produced in Japan.